Zena Algae Peel

Peeling Algae is based on regenerative and healing process of skin natural cycle, accelerates regenerative process, also stimulates blood circulation and replenishes large amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for beautiful and flawless skin.

Treatment Duration: 30 min.

Treatment Areas: Face, neck, back, armpits, glutes, stomach, chest, groin, knees, inner thighs.

How many treatments are needed: Most patients require about 4 to 6 light peels, spaced 1 to 2 months apart, to achieve desired results.

Contraindications: Dermatoses of any genesis, infectious diseases, herpes, neoplasms on skin, skin prone to allergic reactions, thin skin with telangiectasias, skin damage, all types of nevi (preliminary examination by dermatologist is recommended) and pregnancy.

Recovery Period: The skin sheds, exfoliates and peel away for 6-8 days. During this time, you will use the Zena post treatment gel (your therapist will supply these) to heal and repair the skin. Thereafter, your normal skincare routine can resume.